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Kanazawa Geisha Experience 2024-25


In Kanazawa, there are three teahouse districts: Higashi, Nishi, and Kazuemachi. In these teahouses, the geishas have inherited the traditional culture of hospitality. Usually, the teahouses in Kanazawa are unable to take reservations from first time customers, though the city of Kanazawa offers a special geisha experience plan which has been created with the purpose to preserve the traditional culture of the teahouses, making it easier for anyone to enjoy!

【Content】Singing, dancing, taiko drum performances by Kanazawa geisha, Geisha games experience

【Event schedule】Between 20 April 2024 and 29 March 2025 (except for July and August) | Available on Saturday afternoons 

【Time】1:00pm - 2:00pm (approx. 60 minutes) | Reception opens at 12:45pm

【Price】Adult JPY 5,000 / Student JPY 2,500 

 (・Tea and traditional Japanese sweets are served ・Children aged 5 and under cannot participate the event)

【Venue】Teahouses at  Higashi Chaya District / Nishi Chaya District / Kazuemachi Chaya District

​⚫︎Ticket purchase: Please select your preferred date from the list below to purchase your ticket.

​⚫︎To see more details of the event, please visit the Visit Kanazawa website operated by Kanazawa City Tourism Association

​⚫︎This project is being carried out by Kanazawa City and the Kanazawa City Tourism Association with the special cooperation of the      teahouse for the purpose of education and passing down of the teahouse culture. 

⚫︎Please refrain from making prospective arrangements or tentative reservations with travel agencies

Go to Visit Kanazawa website

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